Pos3/5/FNB: Sync Error 'PaymentAmt Outstanding in docno'

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Question :

Error prompted when performing sync?

PosARPayment: Synchronizer Error: {"Message":"PaymentAmt > Outstanding in docno"}

Possible Reason :

This is because HQ server account book has already knocked off this outstanding transaction before sync.

Solution :

1. Login POS 5.0 Backend > A/R > A/R Invoice Entry

2. Find out the Invoice no. (my sample HCTS21100184) > go to bottom Payment History list > double click the payment record (my sample 181221 2)

3. Click Edit > untick knock off check box > Save

4. Preform sync again.

By: CK 20211209, Jacky 20211223, P211227 [000001]

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