Pos3/5/FNB: Sync Error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column

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Question :

Sync error - Cannot set column ‘ItemGroup’. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column.

Possible Reason :

Length of ItemGroup in outlet setting is not the same as HQ.

Solution :

POS 3.0/3.1:

1. For PC at outlet, go to AutoCount Management Studio

2. Go to Tools > Change User-Defined Data Types Size

3. For the said data type name, make sure the size value is the same as HQ.

POS 5.0/F&B:

1. Open AutoCount POS/FnB 5.0 Database Configuration > Tools > Change User-Defined Data Type Size

2. Key in system password (obtain the password from your system provider) > OK

3. Select the table you wish to change > set the Size > Change > OK > perform Sync again.

The following is a list of tables and size limit:

d_AccNo: Chart of account code, debtor code, creditor code (Max 30)

d_AreaCode: Area Code (Max 50)

d_Dept: Account Department No. (Max 50)

d_ItemCode: Item Code (Max 50)

d_ItemGroup: Item Group (Max 50)

d_ItemType: Item Type (Max50)

d_ItemBrand: Item Bran (Max 50)

d_ItemCategory: Item Category (Max 50)

d_ItemClass: Item Class (Max 50)

d_Location: Stock Location code (Max 50)

d_Project: Account Project No. (Max 50)

d_UOM: Item UOM code (Max 50)

By: CK200710, Jacky200731, P200803 [000077]

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