Pos3/5/FNB: Sync error Debtor Address Maxlength limit

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Question :

During sync, there is an error regarding max length, what should I do?

Cannot set column 'Address1', 'Address2', 'Address3' or 'Address4'. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column.

Possible Reason :

When import from excel, address data contains special characters (Enter, Tab and others).

Solution :

1.Go to AutoCount Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query > Yes > enter the checking query > Execute.

Checking Query:

select * from Debtor where address1 like '%'+char(13)+'%' or address1 like '%'+char(10)+'%'

select * from Debtor where address2 like '%'+char(13)+'%' or address2 like '%'+char(10)+'%'

select * from Debtor where address3 like '%'+char(13)+'%' or address3 like '%'+char(10)+'%'

select * from Debtor where address4 like '%'+char(13)+'%' or address4 like '%'+char(10)+'%'

2.Refer to the result list, edit or delete (and re-enter) all detected addresses. (You are not required to do another excel import)

3.Perform sync again

By: CK 20230209, Jacky 20230323, P230323 [000398]

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