Pos3/5/FNB: Sync error POSCashRecord Session

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Question :

When syncing, I received an error as shown below. How to solve it?

Synchronizer Error: {"Message":"Foreign Key Error (Constraint Name = FK_PosCashRecord_Session)"}.

Possible Reason :

Most probably is because user has changed his PC that causes POS session did not sync back to HQ.

Solution :

1. Go to Windows Start Menu > AutoCount POS / FnB > AutoCount POS / FnB Database Configuration.

2. Go to Tools > SQL Query > enter Password (if you don’t know the password please contact your software provider) > OK

3. Enter this query statement > click Execute

UPDATE PosSession SET Sync = 'F' WHERE Sessionkey IN (SELECT Session FROM POSCashRecord WHERE Sync = 'F')

4. Perform speed sync again.

By: CK 20230425, Jacky 20230425, P230426 [000406]

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