Pos3/5/FNB: Sync error PosEventLog TerminalID

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Question :

During sync, I get sync error as shown below, why ?

Synchronizer Error: {"Message":"Foreign Key Error (Constraint Name = FK_PosEventLog_TerminalID)"}.

Possible Reason :

User has changed or deleted POS Terminal ID before sync transaction.

Solution :

1. Go to Windows Start Menu > AutoCount POS / FnB > AutoCount POS / FnB Database Configuration.

2. Go to Tools > SQL Query > enter Password (if you don’t know please contact your software provider)> OK

3. Enter the following query statement > click Execute

Select * from PosEventLog

At filter, click on the filter icon as shown below. Double check all the Terminal ID and to compare with your server POS Terminal Maintenance.

If there is Pos TerminalID being shown here but does not exist in server, it means you have deleted this Pos TerminalID. Please add back this Pos TerminalID.

if the TerminalID is blank, you will need to run this query:

update PosEventLog set TerminalID = 'HQ' where TerminalID = ''

Sample Logic:

update PosEventLog set TerminalID = 'TerminalID' where TerminalID = ''

4. Perform speed sync again.

By: CK 20230608, Jacky 20230622, P230626 [000423]

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