Pos3/5/FNB: Sync keep prompting PosPayment record not found?

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Question :

Whenever I sync, system keeps saying Pos Payment record not found. It will keep on looping there.

PosPayment record not found. Guid is ...

Possible Reason :

Stock location of sync contains unrecognized special characters. For Example:’HQ ’ with spacing.

Solution :

1. Go to POS Backend -> Tools -> Change Code -> Change Location

2. Add new (1) location -> (2) old Location Code -> (3) New Location Code -> (4) Change

3. After changed to new location -> repeat steps 2 and change back the original location code without the special characters

4. Note: Make sure reset terminal pc first before changing location code refer:


5. Now should be able to sync.

By: JunWei 20240118, Jacky 20240126, P240129 [000482]

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