Pos3/5/FNB: Sync stuck at Report and then prompt out primary key error

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Question :

I try to sync and I got the error as shown below.

Primary Key Error

Possible Reason :

HQ report design autokey may have conflicted with frontend therefore Primary Key Error occurred.

Solution :

You may have to delete all report from Frontend and resync everything using ‘Full Sync’ Delete all your report by navigating to

1a. Windows Start > AutoCount POS 5.0 > AutoCount POS 5.0 Database Configuration

1b. Windows Start > AutoCount FnB 5.0 > AutoCount FnB 5.0 Database Configuration

2. Tools > SQL Query > Enter Password (if you don’t know contact your software provider) > OK

3. Enter Below statement > Execute > Close all window

Delete from Report

4. After that, full sync.

PS: If you are not confident in doing so, you may contact our support or your dealer for help.

By: CK 20220411, Jacky 220422, P220425 [000320]

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