Pos3/5/FNB: The Password did not match

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Question :

I just upgraded my pos3 to pos5, when I check my pos server monitor status, there are 4 transaction unable to sync back to my Server. When I click on 'Show Error Trans' & 'Show Client Sync Log' button, it prompts the Password did not match error. How to solve it?



Possible Reason :

It could be missing some columns when doing pos3 upgrade to pos5 or services something wrong.

Solution :

1. Try open POS Server Monitor > Restart Services > OK > retry again


2. If still error open Autocount POS Management Studio at your Server, and then login to the correct account book.


3. Go to Tools > Sql Query


4. Run the following sql query and click the Execute button. (alter table posdtl add Modifier nvarchar(MAX) )


PS: If you are not confident in performing sql query, please contact our customer support for help.

Login out & Login back your POS BACKEND, you may go to sync monitor status click the ‘Show Error Trans’ & Show Client Sync Log button again.

By: SengHoong 20211012, Jacky 20211122, P211125 [000271]

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