Pos3/5/FNB: Upgrade 5.0 to 5.1 posterminalplugin error message

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Question :

After upgraded version and login pos backend, system will prompt posterminalplugin error message?

Error occurred while executing plug-in Point of Sale's BeforeLoad method.

The error message is Invalid Data Definition Language Statement, error message is The ALTER TABLE statement conflicted with the FORREIGN KEY constraint "FK_PosTerminalPlugin_PlugInGuid"...

Possible Reason :

This is because there are plugin filter setting in POS Terminal which still capturing old version of pos plugin. Therefore, we need to remove it.

Solution :

1. First, go to Autocount POS 5.0/5.1 Management Studio > Tools > Sql Query

2. Type in : " delete from posterminalplugin " and click on Execute button.

3. Try to login again POS Backend.

By: Kee 20221216, Jacky 20221222, P221227 [000372]

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