Pos3/5/FNB: When active License get error of Hardware Session ID not match

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Question :

Today I have changed PC & clear hardware ID in license website. When I click Finish to save license in new system come out error?

This Hardware Session ID not match. Unable to activate.

Possible Reason :

The license configuration file may have been corrupted.

Solution :

1a. F&B: Go to C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\FnB 5.0 > delete POSDeviceID.config file

1b. POS: Go to C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\POS 5.0 > delete POSDeviceID.config file

2. Go back to license wizard click on Finish > OK

By: CK 20210915, Jacky 20210921, P210927 [000246]

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