Pos3/5/FNB: Why does system keep prompt to create database whenever I launch the Backend?

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Question :

I have already created database and properly attached but why the system always ask me to create database whenever I launch the Backend application?

First Time Manage Database wizard

Possible Reason :

This is due to some of the PCs have administrator restriction and our config file can be only read by admin therefore whenever you click on Backend, if you did not access as administrator, the system will not able to read the file.

Solution :

1. Right click AutoCount Pos 5.1 Backend icon > Properties > Compatibility tab then tick the “Run this program as an administrator”.

2. Click on OK and try to relaunch the system. You should be able to access the config file and the system shall no longer prompt to create database every time you launch the Backend

By: Junwei 20230921, Jacky 20230922, P230922 [000446]

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