Pos3/5/FNB: Why is my Sale Account not showing POS Sales Amount

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Question :

I checked my Cash Book Entry (OR), G/L ledger and P&L report, my POS sales figure is missing. Why is that?

Possible Reason :

You did not perform POS posting to post all the sales to GL accounts.

Solution :

1.Go to POS 5.0 BackEnd > Point of Sale > POS Posting

2. Go to New > set Filter Options > Inquiry > Post

Date Range: Select what period you want to do POS Posting.

Outlet: decide if you need to filter outlet location

3.Click OK > go to check your sales account or cash book & JV.

Sample of Cash Book OR (normal Cash Sale):

Sample of Journal Entry (if apply Point Payment/Sales Order/Refund):

Sample of A/R Invoices (if use Credit Sale):

By: CK 20210503, Jacky 20210524, P210526 [000196]

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