Pos3/Pos5/FNB: : How to convert an open item to a fixed itemcode item?

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Question :

I do not have this itemcode yet in my system but I urgently want to sell this item, so we were using an open item for this purpose. How can I convert this transaction of open item to an itemcode item? Will it affect my stock balance?

Solution :

2 ways to solve stock balance issue

1st solution is to use Stock Adjustment to adjust the balance.

2nd solution is to edit transaction details (update item code).

1.Solution 2: Go to Point of Sale > POS Transaction Viewer

2.Set your Date Range > Inquiry > Double Click your Bill > Edit POS Detail Data > Update Item Code & UOM > Save

3.Click Yes.

By: CK 20210706, Jacky 20210723, P210726 [000218]

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