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Question :

My company sometime may buy product from customer, how do I do trade in?

Solution :

For POS 5.0:

1. In POS Back End > Point of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Setting Maintenance

2. Select correct Setting Option ID > Edit

3. Go to Document Control 2 tab > tick Allow to trade in under Retails section > OK

4. At Outlet POS perform speed sync & re login system > Enter Qty as a negative value. Now you can do Trade in action in POS.

5. During transaction please enter your cost*. It will auto update to Price column.

  • Note: If user did not enter its cost, even though he has set the price, the system will consider its cost as 0.00, if user has entered wrong cost please remove the item & enter again.

For POS 3.0/3.1:

1. Login POS > More Function

2. Go to Document Control 2 tab > tick Allow to trade in > OK > Exit POS > Login again

By: CK 20211011, Jacky 20211022, P211025 [000257]

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