Pos3/Pos5/FNB: Able to register fingerprint at front-end

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Question :

Can I register fingerprint at POS/F&B system?

Answer :

Yes, you can.

In order version, you need to have Remote HQ module before register fingerprint at front-end.

To make it easier and user friendly, we have added a new function to register fingerprint at front-end without Remote HQ module.

1. Login POS 5.0 Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance. Click on Edit button to edit your Option ID

2. In Appearance tabs, to register your fingerprint at front-end, first you must set HQ Database Connection setting at back-end.

3. Then login front-end and go to More Function > Inquiry > Staff Attendance. You will see a new Manage User button at staff attendance screen. Login using your back-end ID and password.

4. After that you can register fingerprint at Manage Fingerprint > OK.

By: SengHoong 20200806, Jacky 20201027, Peter 201027 [000120]

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