Pos3/Pos5/FNB: Allow to view Up To Date Cost in POS 5.0/F&B

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Question :

How to allow outlet sale team to view item up to date cost?

Solution :

1. login POS 5.0 Back End > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS User Maintenance

2.Double click the User > find out his user group > then click on Cancel

3.Go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS User Group Maintenance

4.Select right User Group ID > Edit > click Search > key in the keyword Cost > click Search > select View Up-To-Date Cost > tick the check box against Direct Access Right > OK

5. Go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance

6.Select Option > Edit > fill in HQ Database Connection > OK

Server Name: Fill in your Server IP address, SQL Instance Name, and SQL Instance Port Number here.

SA Password: Fill in your SQL SA Password here, leave it blank if you are using AutoCount default SA Password.

Database Name: Fill in your HQ Database Name here.

7.Go to Front End and perform sync

8.Login POS/F&B > Add item > Price (F3) > Display Item Cost (F1) > you can view UTD cost now.

By: CK 20210303, Jacky 20210421, P210426 [000184]

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