Pos3/Pos5/FNB: How to Migrate POS 3 Transactions to POS 5/F&B Database?

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Question :

I have just upgraded from POS 3.1 to POS 5.0/FnB, but my front-end system does not have any POS 3.1 record. Can I migrate past transactions from POS 3.1 to POS 5.0/FnB?

Solution :

Yes you can.

For POS 3.0/3.1:

1. You must update to latest POS 3.1 rev: before do migrate to POS 5.0.

How to know my POS is latest revision ref below link:


For POS 5.0:

1a. Go to Windows Start > AutoCount POS 5.0 > AutoCount POS 5.0 Database Configuration

For FnB 5.0:

1b. Go to Windows Start > AutoCount FnB 5.0 > AutoCount FnB 5.0 Database Configuration

2. Click on Tools > Migrate Database

3. Define database > set Date Range > Find > Migrate

Server Name: server IP address + SQL instance name (.\A2006 or (local)\A2006 if your POS 3 DB is on the same PC)

Database Name: Account book name (AED_32BIT_O)

Date Range: The range of transaction that you wish to import.

By: CK 20210108, Jacky 20210223, P210225 [000159]

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