Pos3/Pos5/FNB: How to Re-sync Batch Bill to HQ Server Backend again?

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Question :

My HQ account book/database is corrupted, the last backup was a week ago. How do I sync back my transaction from outlet as it is already synced before?

Solution :

You can resync from FE with little technical skill involved.

PS: Backup FE first before performing this as it may lead to data corrupt or mismatch. Please call for support if have any question.

For Pos 3.0/3.1/5.0 :

1. Go to POS Frontend > More Function > Configuration Setting


For F&B :

1a. Go to F&B Frontend > More Function > Setting


1b. Click Configuration Setting


2. Click on Miscellaneous tab > SQL Query > Password (ask from software provider) > OK


3. Key in the statement > highlight the query > Execute


Sample A: From Doc to Doc

Update POS set Sync = 'F' where Docno >= 'xxx' and Docno <= 'xxx'

Update POS set Sync = 'F' where Docno >= 'T030001' and Docno <= 'T030010'

Sample B: From time to time

Update POS set Sync = 'F' where Createdtime >= 'xxx' and Createdtime <= 'xxx'

Update POS set Sync = 'F' where Createdtime >= '2019-01-01 00:00:00' and Createdtime <= '2019-12-31 23:59:59'

4. Then perform synchronization.

By: CK 20201125, Jacky 20201221, P201228 [000136]

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