Pos3/Pos5/FNB: How to Re-sync Bill to HQ Server Backend?

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Question :

I accidentally deleted a POS transaction on server database. What can I do right now?

Solution :

You can resync back the transaction that you deleted. To do so,

For Pos 3.0/3.1/5.0 :

1a. Go to POS Frontend > More Function > Report

For F&B :

1b. Go to F&B Frontend > More Function > Inquiry

1c. Click on Reports

2. Click on POS Transaction Viewer

3. Define the Date Range > click on Inquiry > double click on the said transaction

4. Click on Edit POS Master Data.

5. Uncheck (remove tick) the sync checkbox > Save > Close

6. Do speed sync. Done

By: CK 20201009, Jacky 20201027, Peter 201028 [000115]

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