Pos3/Pos5/FNB: How to customize POS function button?

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Question :

How to customize POS function button that user frequently use and bring them out to the front so user can have smoother operation flow.

Solution :

Yes, it can be done. (Some buttons like Payment, More function and Logout is already fixed and cannot be changed)

1. Login to POS Front End,

Retail - Go to More Function > Customize Button

FNB – Go to More Function > Settings > Function Bar

2. Left panel is System Display button, right panel is button library. User only need to decide which button that want to use then select and move it to the left side. User also can change the button sequence arrangement.

3. After made changes, new button arrangement will be display at the bottom.

By: Kee 20210308, Jacky 20210323, P210324 [000176]

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