Pos3/Pos5/FNB: Price Level Priority

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Question :

My I know the features of price control in AutoCount POS/F&B and the sequence of priority?

Solution :

Higher priority level will overwrite settings in lower priority (1 is the lowest and 7 is the highest):

Priority 1 : Default Multi Pricing under Terminal Setting Maintenance (old rev: POS Option Maintenance)

Priority 2 : Multi Pricing under Debtor Maintenance

Priority 3 : Multi Pricing under Member Maintenance

Priority 4 : Member Price Maintenance under POS Maintenance

Priority 5 : Item Price by Location Maintenance under More Stock Maintenance

Priority 6 : Price Plan Maintenance under POS Maintenance

Priority 7 : Promotion under POS Maintenance

By: CK 20210115, Jacky 20210323, P210324 [000000]

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