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Question :

I have missed out a transaction in my POS/FNB system yesterday. But i have done close counter. How to insert the transaction in yesterday’s sales?

  • It is a very sensitive matter regarding reinsert previous day transaction as it will mess up your daily report and such. Please do get permission from your accountant or auditor for doing so. Also staff may use this loop hole for their own benefit, so if you have your own SOP please do not apply the following method in your operation flow. You may also seek help from your accounting department to make sales adjustment as its easier to tweak backend than frontend.

All actions can be controlled by using access rights control.

Solution :

1. Make you already close counter for previous POS session.

2. You must change your computer date back to yesterday's date Go to Control Panel > Click Clock and Region > Click Change Date and time

3. Change your computer date back to yesterday date. After changed, click OK to save.

4. When you login POS/FNB system after changed your computer date, you will notice that your POS/FNB system date is showing yesterday date

5. Open Counter > Key in the missing transaction as usual in your POS/FNB system

After done key in, you must do close counter of the day.

6. So when you check the close counter report, you will have 2 sessions on the previous day. The missing transaction will count as yesterday sales.

7. After done close counter, logout your POS/FNB system.

Remember to change the date of your computer back to today before you key in today transaction

By: SengHoong 20210201, Jacky 20210223, P210225 [000168]

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