Pos3/Pos5/FNB: Speed Sync vs Full Sync?

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Question :

What is the difference between Speed Sync and Full Sync?

Solution :

Speed Synchronize

1. Only used to sync newly updated records (based on a table called ChangeLog)

2. Takes lesser time to sync

3. For any changes of code or merge code, it will update the related outlets.

Full Synchronize

1. To overwrite all records in outlets.

2. Takes longer time to sync (network needs to be in good contition)

3. Full Sync is always performed as two ways sync to make sure all data are tallied

4. This function will not check and read ChangeLog, if any user has changed codes or merged codes don’t use full sync.

By: CK 200715, Jacky 200731, P200807 [000090]

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