Pos5/FNB: Edit POS transaction from Backend

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Question :

I want to edit some transaction master data from Backend but when I edit I get this error but if I use ADMIN to edit I have no issue.

The value of column LastModifiedUserID in table POS does not exist in its master file.

Possible Reason :

This is because Backend user and Frontend user are not the same. POS not able to detect the Accounting User ID.

Solution :

If you want to edit master data other than using ADMIN ID, you have to create the same Backend user ID at Frontend POS User.

1. Login POS 5.0 Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS User Maintenance > New

2. Fill in the user ID which are identical to your Backend user ID > OK

3. Go back POS Transaction Viewer edit & save again

By: CK 20220415, Jacky 220422, P220425 [000322]

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