Pos5/FNB: How to do Backup at Front End?

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Question :

How can I do backup for terminal POS/F&B?

Solution :

POS F&B: 1. Login F&B > More Function > Setting > Configuration Setting > Miscellaneous > Backup

POS 3.0/3.1/5/0 1. In your POS Main Screen, click on More Function.

2. Click on Configuration Setting.

3. Go to Miscellaneous tab, and then click on Backup.

4. Check the Browse

5. Click on Update (to define the directory path to save backup file)

6. Select location you wish to save backup file and then click OK.

7. Click OK.

8. Click Backup To.

9. Click OK.

10. Check if your backup file exists in the targeted folder.

By: CK 20200616, Jacky 200731, P200807 [000075]

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