Pos5/FNB: How to print Full Tax Invoice from POS System

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Question :

How to print full tax invoice in AutoCount POS5 and FNB System as my customer requested full tax invoice from me?

Solution :

For POS5, login to frontend and click on Find Bill or go to More Function > Find Bill

For FNB, login to frontend then go to More Function > Inquiry > Find Transaction

Then select the transaction that you wish to print and click Customer Information button to key in customer details and press ok.

After that click on preview receipt and choose POS Full Tax Invoice for POS5 or F&B Full Tax Invoice for FNB.

Next click on print on top left.

You should be able to print out full tax invoice format for customer.

By: SengHoong 20200318, Jacky 20200319 [000011]

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