Pos5/FNB: Item code not found but F1 search is there

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Question :

When I scan my barcode number at pos system, it shows item not found??

But when paste the barcode using search item function it can be found ? Any idea ?

Possible Reason :

The beginning item barcode number is (conflict) the same as your weighting scale price/flag digit.

Solution :

1. Login your POS Backend > Point Of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Settings Maintenance > Select your Option ID then click the Edit Button

2. Under Settings Tab, you will notice that your Qty Flag Digit starts with 99… and your barcode number also starts with 99… . Therefore, you need to change item barcode to another number or you may disable your scale barcode function without changing barcode number.

3. Then perform speed sync from your terminal.

By: SengHoong 20210111, Jacky 20220121, P220127 [000297]

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