Pos5/FNB: Menu design did not load items related to Group/Type

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Question :

Upon saving new menu design, system prompted “Do you want to auto load all item that related to Item Group / Item Type that you choose?”

I have chosen Yes, after saved, my menu details for item group/type does not appear?

Possible Reason :

Item Group / Type does not have any Description or blank.

Solution :

1. Login POS Backend or Accounting > Stock > Stock Group / Item Type Maintenance > make sure the Description field for the Group / Type is not blank > OK

2. Go back to fast select menu design again > select Menu > click arrow ‘<’ for remove > Yes

3. Tick the Group / Type you need > click ‘>’ > OK > Yes

4. Click on OK

5.Done > Save

By: CK 20211102, Jacky 20211123, P211125 [000281]

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