Pos5/FNB: Refund with vouchers prompt warning

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Question :

I would like to give vouchers instead of refund cash to customers. When I select Voucher method to refund customers, it asks me to maintain voucher ID first ?

Possible Reason :

You need to create a Voucher ID with non verify voucher number at Voucher Maintenance.

Solution :

1. Login Pos Backend > Point Of Sale > Maintenance > Voucher Maintenance

2. Click New button to create new voucher ID

3. Untick Verify Voucher so that the voucher does not have any voucher number control.

Then click OK save then perform speed sync from your terminal.

4. And now, you can refund voucher for customer.

By: SengHoong 20221019, Jacky 20221124, P221126 [000363]

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