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Question :

What is New AR Payment in POS5 and FNB System?

Answer :

This is a new feature of Remote HQ in POS5 and FNB frontend, which you may create a new AR payment to knock-off credit sales.

Previously, user need to create new AR Payment in backend in order to knock off credit sales. And now, user can do in frontend system.

Solution :

To knock off credit sales, you must establish HQ Database Connection to view if there are any outstanding credit sales for a debtor. To set, please refer How to setup HQ database connection

After that go to frontend and navigate to More Function > AR Payment then click New.

Note: You can only allow to Edit AR Payment if the payment haven’t sync back yet to backend.

After you have selected debtor, you can now view the outstanding AR payment list if have any.

Payment can be made via Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card and Cheque.

Then knockoff from your outstanding list. After synchronization, this AR payment will automatically be generated at your backend AR Receive Payment.

By: CK 20200318, Jacky 20200319 [000007]

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