Pos5: GIT unable to click confirm button

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Question :

Why am I unable to click the confirm accept button to confirm my stock transfer no in Goods In Transit (GIT)?

The Stock Transfer no is still showing outstanding status. How to solve?

Possible Reason :

This document may have been manually received by user instead of being generated by GIT.

Solution :

1. Login Your POS BACKEND > Go to Stock > Stock Transfer

2. Select your DocNo then click on Edit Button

3. Under User Defined Field Tab, remove the receive date and receive by user id. Then click OK to save.

4. Perform Speed Sync from your terminal.

5. And now, you are able to click confirm Accept button for your stock transfer no.

By: SengHoong 20210928, Jacky 20211122, P211125 [000269]

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