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Question :

What is the purpose of Sales Order and how to use Sales Order in POS system?

Solution :

Sales Order in POS is used mainly to record order placement and collect deposit payment from customer.

Especially for items currently out of stock, need time to process, replenish or transfer from other outlets.

How to enable Sales Order function in POS3?

Login POS 3 front end > Click on More Function > Configuration Setting

Check the checkbox of Enable Deposit Payment under Document Control tab.

How to enable Sales Order function in POS5?

Login POS backend, go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance (Terminal Setting Maintenance)

Click on Edit button for selected Option ID

Check the checkbox of Enable Deposit Payment under Document Control tab.

Then perform speed sync at your terminal.

How to use POS3/POS5 Sales Order function in POS terminal

Login POS system, during transaction, click on More Function, select Change Sales Type under Bill Operation.

You will notice that Cash Sale is changed to Sales Order. Proceed with transaction.

Simply scan an item and then go to payment interface.

For example, the customer paid cash RM1000 as deposit, and the remaining RM1500 will be paid on the day when collecting the items.

Clicking on OK will post this payment in Sales Order.

On the day when customer returns to collect the items and pay the remaining balance, you have to retrieve the related Sales Order:

Go to More Function > Bill Operation > Find Sales Order

Select the previously saved Sales Order docno then click on OK.

Use the editing button of Deliver/Void Qty

Click on Deliver Item or Deliver All Item if items are collected.

Proceed to collection of full payment.

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