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Question: I have already pulled out the “SG_AutoNumbering” field In POS Receipt report design, but when I previewed receipt, the item numbering was not shown?

Image above shows that Auto Numbering being pulled out in report design.

Image above show the POS Receipt still didn’t show out the numbering.


1. In your POS Main Screen, click on More Function.

2. Click on Configuration Setting.

3. Go to Receipt tab, and then click on Auto Numbering Control.

4. Check the first option Apply Auto Numbering to Detail Table and then click on OK.

*You can change the Style and Format as well.

5. Click on OK.

6. Click on Yes and then re-login AutoCount POS.

7. Now, your POS Receipt will show out the auto numbering.

By: Soh Wee 171103, CY 171107, KM 171107, P171110

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