Pos:Mark Served

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Allow you to mark the food whether is served or not.

1.Hit on Table button.

2.Hit on Mark Served button.

3.Select the table that you want to mark food as served.

4.Mark Served screen will show up.

Table No.: Indicate the selected table number. Check All / Uncheck All: Hit on Check All button to tick all items in the list, hit on Uncheck All to untick all items in the list. Served Checkbox: Checkbox for you to tick the food as served. Item Information: Display the food’s information. OK / Cancel: Hit on OK button to confirm mark the food as served, hit on Cancel button to exit the Mark Served screen.

5.Tick the food that had been served, and then hit on OK button.

6.If all the foods had been served for the table, the table color will change to Served color. Note: Served color can be maintained in Table Design.

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