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Question: I want to stop my POS Auto Sync, but the status stuck at “STOPPENDING” for a very long time, how to force to stop it by another way?

Possible Reason

While the synchronizing process was still undergoing from HQ to outlet or outlet to HQ, you have stopped this service. Thus, the service is stuck at Stop pending mode.


End the process in Task Manager.

1. Open up your Task Manager, under Processes, look for name “AutoCount Pos Auto Sync” or “APosAutoSync.exe”.

For Windows 8 and above, Task Manager will look like the following image .

For Windows 7 and below, Task Manager will look like the following image:

2. Right Click on the specify process and then click on End task.

3. Now, the POS Auto Sync is stopped and the status should be display as “STOPPED”.

Recommended Practice

Do not stop the sync service while the sync is in progress. Stop the services only when the synchronizing process is finished.

By: CY 171102, KM 171103, P171103

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