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Allow you to do reservation for customers.

1.Hit on Table button.

2.Hit on Reservation button.

3.Reservation screen will show up.

4.Hit on New button to create a new reservation.

5.Reservation form will show up.
Reservation No.: Auto numbering for the reservation. Member No.: Allow you to select the member to indicate this reservation belongs to which member. Name: Allow you to manually key in the customer name for this reservation. From Time / To Time: Allow you to set the reservation time. Table No.: Allow you to choose the table for this reservation. Pax: Allow you to key in the number of pax for this reservation. Reminder: Allow you to set the reminders for this reservation. Remark: Allow you to key in any additional remarks for this reservation. Food List: Allow you to add in the food for this reservation. OK / Cancel: Hit on OK to save the reservation, hit on Cancel to close the reservation form.

6.Fill in all the necessary information and then hit on OK button.

7.Reservation created successfully. Note : You can hit on Edit / Delete button to edit or delete the selected reservation.

8.If the customer had arrived, hit on Arrive? button.

9.Confirmation box will show up, hit on OK button to continue.

10.System will prompt you whether you want to order the food now, hit on OK button to continue.

11.Food will be added automatically if you have add it during the reservation form. You can still make any changes over here if needed, and then hit on Confirm Order button.

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