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Allow you to view all pending orders and preform some action for the selected order.

1.Hit on Table button.

2.Hit on View Order Listing Button.

3.Order Listing screen will show up and it will show all pending orders in this screen by default.

4.You can do some simple filtering option here if you wish.

Filter by Date: Tick the checkbox and change the date you want to filter. Keyword for filter: Enter the keywords here for filter. Filter by Order No. / Table No.: Tick the option that you want to filter. Then system will search the keywords you entered from the selected field. Show / Don’t show Cancelled Order: Tick this option to show order that had cancelled, untick this option to don’t show order that had cancelled.

5.There are some action allow you to perform on the top-right hand side of the Order Listing screen.

Search: Hit on this button to search the result after you done the filter option. Detail: Hit on this button to view the order details of the selected order. Delete: Hit on this button to delete the selected order. Void Order: Hit on this button to cancel the selected order. Preview: Hit on this button to preview the bill of the selected order. Print: Hit on this button to print the bill of the selected order. Cancel: Hit on this button to exit the Order Listing screen.

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