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Question: What is the difference of checkout for terminal and checkout for cashier in POS close counter?

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Checkout for terminal

Checkout for terminal means you close the counter mainly at the end of your business day. Which means until end of the day you calculate the money and cash out all the money from your cashier counter.

E.g. Cashier A is the only Cashier on duty for the whole day, thus cashier A will need to checkout for terminal only as at the end of the day.

Checkout for cashier

This is used when want to change shift for the current cashier. Basically, it only calculates the total amount collected by the current cashier before change shift to another cashier. Normally, no money will be taken out from cashier counter as at the end of the day you need to checkout for terminal to calculate whole day transaction. However, you may cash out the money anytime.

E.g. Cashier A open counter at 9am, check out for cashier at 4pm and change shift to Cashier B, Cashier B will close counter at 9pm as at the end of the day.

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