Pos: Error message ‘Please configure HQ Database information first’ prompted when click on Remote HQ Function

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Question: I’m using AutoCount POS Version 3.0, Build 24, Revision 140 ( When I click on Remote HQ function, system prompts a message “Please configure HQ database information first”. What should I do?

Possible Reason:

HQ database information haven’t been configured. Thus, POS outlet is unable to use Remote HQ Function.


Configure the HQ database information at POS outlet.

Step 1: Click on More Function on your AutoCount POS main screen.

Step 2: Look for Configuration Setting under Settings section and click on it.

Step 3: Under Document Control 2, configure your HQ Database Connection here.

Server Name: Fill in your Server IP address, SQL Instance Name, and SQL Instance Port Number here.

SA Password: Fill in your SQL SA Password here, leave it blank if you are using AutoCount default SA Password.

Database Name: Fill in your HQ Database Name here.

Step 4: Click on Test Connection to check if the setting you filled in is correct. You will get a message “Test connection success” if your configuration was correct.

Step 5: Click on OK to save the setting.

Step 6: System will prompt you a message saying that you need to re-login to the system, click on Yes to logout now and re-login again.

Now, you will be able to use the Remote HQ function without getting error.

Note: For AutoCount POS Version 3.0, Build 24, Revision 137 ( or below, you will need to configure the HQ Database information on the Remote HQ Login form.

By: CY 171208, KM 171212, P171229

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