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Question : My company is using weighing scale device to print the barcode. How to enable scale barcode in POS system?

Answer :

1) In POS System, go to More Function > Configuration Setting.

2) Go to Device Setting 2 and Enable Scale Barcode.

We can configure 2 types of scale barcode

Type 1: Scale Barcode By Price

Price Flag Digit : This is a number to differentiate weighing scale item from other items.(Example : 99)

Item Code : Maintain the position (in which digit) of starting digit and ending digit for weighing scale item code. Since the first 2 digit is used for Price Flag Digit, if your item code has 5 digits, then the Starting digit should be 3, and the Ending digit should be 7.

Price : Maintain the position (in which digit) of Starting digit and Ending digit and also the number of decimal for the item price. Continue from the ending digit of item code, item price should start with 8th digit and end with 12th digit with 2 decimals (assuming the price format is 999.99)

Directly update unit price: if this option is enabled, the transacted price will be taken as Unit Price, thus the quantity transacted will be assumed as 1.00.

Result :

If disabled, the transacted price will be taken as Subtotal, thus the transacted quantity will be calculated by the system by dividing Subtotal with system unit price.

Remark : If you use only 1 type of scale barcode, then the other type of barcode may have Price Flag Digit labeled as 00.

Type 2: Scale Barcode By Qty

Similarly you need to maintain the Qty Flag Digit, the position of Item code and Quantity.

Verify barcode :

- Enable this option if you need the system to verify the printed barcode.

- Check digit algorithms are generally designed to avoid human errors.

- When a barcode is scanned and detected the last digit (Check digit) is wrong, the system will prompt a message of “Invalid barcode”.

  • Note: For POS 5.x & FnB info about scale barcode settings, please click HERE

By : CK 190116, Lay Swan 190207, P190321

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