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Question: Is that possible I change the AutoCount logo in POS system to my own company logo?


Yes. You may change it from Terminal Maintenance of AutoCount backend in HQ.

Step 1: Go to Point of Sale > Terminal Maintenance.

Step 2: Select the appropriate Terminal and click on Edit.

Step 3: Go to Logo tab, then click on Load.

Step 4: Navigate to the location that you store your company logo.

Note: If you cant find your image appear in the location, choose All files from the bottom right of the screen.

Step 5: Click on OK to save your setting.

Note: You will need to perform a POS Sync in order to sync the setting to outlet.

Now, login to your POS system again and the AutoCount logo will change to your own company logo.

By: CY 180207, KM 180207, P180207

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