Pos: Item balance quantity for outlet is different from HQ

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Question: Why is item balance quantity in POS different from HQ account book even though I had done POS Sync?

HQ Account Book shows that TS3 location has 10 quantities.

TS3 POS shows that this item only has 5 quantities. Which the 5 quantities are actually captured from HQ location instead of the outlet’s location (TS3).

Possible Reason:

You have maintained wrong Outlet Location in Terminal Maintenance for the specific terminal.


Step 1: Go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Maintenance.

Step 2: Select your Terminal, and then click on Edit.

Step 3: Select the matching Outlet and then click on OK.

Note: When you create new Terminal, system will default the Outlet as HQ, if you didn’t change it to your matching outlet location, then it will sync the HQ item balance quantity to outlet POS.

Step 4: Repeat POS Sync once again and then your outlet item balance quantity will be correct.

By: CY 180102, KM 180102, P180115

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