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Question : I’ve edited member details at Outlet, but system always revert to original details after 30 minutes. Why?

Possible Reason :

Mostly probably is the setting issue of HQ sync profile.

Solution :

1) Login HQ AutoCount, Point of Sale > AutoCount POS Sync


2) Select your sync profile > click on Edit


3) Select outlet > click on Member3a.png to Edit


4) Do not check the checkbox of Allow new record in Outlets to sync back to HQ only , click on OK and Save. You must uncheck this option if you always edit member details at Outlet.


This option is applicable when Member’s sync method is Two Way Sync,

When this option is Checked :

• only new created member at Outlet will sync to HQ

edit member details at Outlet will NOT update to HQ, so it will always revert to original details after perform speed / auto sync.

• new created or edited member at HQ will update to Outlet after perform speed / auto sync.

When this option is Unchecked :

• new created or edited member at Outlet will update to HQ after perform speed / auto sync and vice versa.

By: CK 180705, Lay Swan 180710, P180719

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