Pos: POS Posting error - ‘Cash Payment Method is not set’

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Question: When I want to do a POS Posting, error message prompted “Cash Payment Method is not set”. What should I do?

Possible Reason:

You haven’t defined the posting account at POS Posting Setting under Location Maintenance.


Step 1: Go to Stock > Stock Location Maintenance.

Step 2: Select the location and then click on Edit.

Step 3: Under POS Posting Setting tab, you will need to set the Cash Payment Method. At the same time, it’s advisable for you to set the Cheque Payment Method and 5 Cents Rounding Adjustment Account Number as well.

Note: This is the most common setting that you have to set in order to avoid the error message prompts when you’re doing POS Posting. For other settings, you can set it if necessary.

Step 4: Click on OK to save the setting. Now, you will able to do POS Posting without any error.

By: CY 171229, KM 180108, P180115

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