Pos: Sync Error - The directory name is invalid

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Question :

When sync outlet POS transaction, there is an error:

‘Error found while sync Pos from S1_C2 to HQ. The directory name is invalid

Last error key for S1_C2 - PosTable, Guid:

The directory name is invalid’

Solution :

Your system license type is using USB dongle and you are using VPN connection.

Possible Reason :

Before login AutoCount Accounting / AutoCount POS Backend > right click your company name > Remote USB Key Setting

Check the checkbox of ‘Use the below Remote USB Key Setting to login’ > key in server IP address (server VPN IP address) > OK

Now you may login AutoCount and perform sync again.

CK 20200512, Jacky 20200519, P20200519 [000050]

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