Pos: Sync Error - Unknown Sql Exception Internal Query Processor Error

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Question :

When I doing speed sync system pop-up error massage. This is what issue?

Unknown Sql Exception (Number=8630, Message=Internal Query Processor Error. The query processor encountered an unexpected error during execution.)

Last error key for T01 – PosTable GUID: 8dea7286-da90-4351-b3c5-148a4ec1bf1b

Possible Reason :

Back end server or Front End outlet database corrupted. We need to try to do backup and find out the error.

Solution :

1. Do backup for every related database.

[POS5][TS]How to do Backup at Front End


2. Click on OK. (If pop-up the following error message means the database is corrupted)

More info: https://wiki.autocountsoft.com/wiki/Pos:Sync_error_-_Internal_Query_Processor_Error

3. You will need to create new database for this account book.

4. Then, reconfigure sync profile for this new account book and perform full sync.

By: CK 20200616, Jacky200731, P200807 [000078]

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