Pos: Sync Error - You should login to the system in order to access the function

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Question : Error message prompted “You should login to the system in order to access the function” when I run speed/full sync?

Possible Reason :

When run sync, the POS front-end user needs to have the backend access rights. This is because the company is using “Advance Multi-UOM” module, UOM conversion document will be auto-generated if needed while sync process is running.

Solution :

1) Go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > User Maintenance.

2) Edit the POS user, check the checkbox of Access Backend and assign Backend User ID and also key in the BackEnd User Password for verification purpose.

Continue to perform sync after above action is performed.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem persists after performing the steps as above.

By : Michelle 180810, Lay Swan 180824, P180913

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