Pos: Unable to delete commission from commission maintenance

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Question: I cannot delete the promoter's commission, system prompts an error “The value of column CommissionID in table PosPromoter does not exist in its master file.” I’m sure that I didn’t create any transaction for this commission plan.

Delete promo err1.png

Possible Reason:

The error is due to the commission id is used in POS Promoter setting.


To remove the setting, you need to;

1. Go to Point of Sale > Promoter > Promoter Maintenance,

Delete promo err2.png

2. To know which promoter is tied to this commission, right click on detail pane to select Column Chooser. Drag the Commission ID to detail pane.

Delete promo err3.png

3. Select Promoter and click on Edit.

Delete promo err4.png

4. Press Ctrl + 0 on your keyboard to remove the value in the field of Commission:

Delete promo err5.png

5. You will be able to delete the Commission ID now.

Delete promo err6.png

By: Azirah 180402, KM 180406, P180409

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