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Question: What is New AR Payment in POS System?


This is a new feature of Remote HQ in POS front end, which you may create a new AR payment to knock-off credit sales. Previously, user need to create new AR Payment in HQ in order to knock off credit sales. And now, user can do in POS system.

To knock off credit sales, you must establish a database connection with the HQ database to view if there are any outstanding credit sales for a debtor. To do so,

1. You must go to More Function > Configuration Setting

2. Go to Document Control 2, under HQ Database Connection, enter server name or server IP address and follow by the instance name, then enter the database name of the account book. (If you are not using the default SA password, key in your own SA password; else leave it blank.).

By: Michelle 171215, KM 171221, P180115

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