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This module is used to maintain projects and sub-projects (unlimited levels), allow transaction entries and reports by project.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Project to enable it.

Project Maintenance

Go to General Maintenance > Project Maintenance

Click on New Top Level Project to add a main project.

Click to highlight a main project, and click on New Sub-Project to add a sub-project to it.

Note: A Top Level Project (parent project) that carries Sub-Projects (child projects) must not have transaction entries. All entries must be assigned to child projects; all entries in child projects will be summarised to their parent project in reports.

You may further highlight a sub-project (e.g. P1A) and click on New Sub-Project to create a sub sub-project (e.g. P1A-001), in which sub-project P1A will be the parent project to P1A-001; this can go on to as many levels as you wish.

Default Project

Go to Tools > Options > General > Miscellaneous

Click on the drop down button of Default Project to select default project for this account book. You will notice that only those projects that have no child/sub-project are listed for selection; because a project carries sub-project(s) is a parent project, and a parent project must not have any direct transaction entries.

Default Project by User

Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance

Click on Edit User

Click on Default Value tab,

Assign default project for this user, then click on Save.

Transaction / Billing

You will notice that 'Project' field/column appears in all types of transaction; and 'default project' is automatically assigned (amendable).

For example,

Cash Transaction

Journal Entry

A/R Invoice Entry

Sales Invoice

Reports Filtered By Project

Most of the reports can be filtered by projects.

For financial reports, several report formats related to project are made available.

To view financial reports of project for a period more than 12 months, go to Tools > Manage Fiscal Year and change the End Date of most current fiscal year.

Opening Balance of Projects

Go to G/L > Opening Balance Maintenance

Those opening balances I have keyed in earlier (before projects are maintained) or were not assigned with any project are classified as opening balance for Default Null Project.

To key in or edit opening balances for a project (restricted to project that has no child project attached to it), including Default Null Project, click to highlight a project, then click on Edit Detail Opening Balance.

To maintain Year-To-Date opening balance, go to G/L > Year-To-Date Balance Maintenance

Click on the ... button of project to select a project, click on Inquiry to key in or edit balances.

G/L Posting Options

Go to Tools > Options > G/L > G/L Posting

There are 3 options that will affect G/L entries:

Allow Not Balance By Project and Department In Journal Entry: this is to allow the system to save a Journal Entry that involves more than one project (and it is 'not balanced' by project). If this option is not checked, the following message will be prompted and the journal entry is not allowed to save (when individual project is not balanced).

Post By Project and Department In Payment, Contra, Refund: to post entries according to project assigned during (AR/AP) Payment, Contra or Refund, instead of according to project(s) of the bills to be knocked off. If this checkbox is unchecked, the posting will be in accordance with the project(s) of the bills to be knocked off. When this checkbox is not checked, and a partial payment is made to knocked off an Invoice consists of several items with different projects, the knock off will take place from one item to another in sequence order.

Post By Project and Department In CN: to post entries according to project assigned during (AR/AP) CN, instead of according to project(s) of the bill to be knocked off. If this checkbox is unchecked, the posting will be in accordance with the project(s) of the bills to be knocked off.

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Customize Invoicing 2

Enable 'Post Reallocate Purchase By Project' in Invoice, Cash Sale, D/N and Stock Issue: this means when stock is issued with these documents by project, the items involved (which when purchased was assigned with another project or null project) will be reallocated according to the project(s) of these documents. A journal entry will be created to reallocate (move) the related amount of purchases from one project (e.g. null) to the newly transacted project.

Budget by Projects

Go to G/L > Budget Maintenance

Click on New/Edit, (you may maintain as many sets of budget as you wish)

Click on the ... button next to Project field,

Then click on Inquiry,

(Note: each selected project must be followed by a click on Inquiry to refresh.)

Project Profit Margin Report

Go to G/L > Project / Department Profit Margin Report

Define filter options and click on Inquiry.

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